Katamendo means 'onesided drum', this means in effect you buy one end of a taiko. This katamendo behaves exactly like a taiko regarding the feeling of the bachi on the skin and the sound produced. A katamendo can also be muted, which could be beneficial in the relationship with your neighbours ...

Later this katamendo can be made into a full taiko, by buying a second katamendo and body and having it assembled in our workshop.

Pro's :

Price : 250 Euro excl VAT

Katamendo Accessories


Protect your katamendo from weather and transport damage with this professional bag

Price : 30 Euro incl VAT

Professional Stand

Professional Katamendo Stand

Price : 50 Euro incl VAT

Starter Stand

Starter Katamendo stand

Price : 20 Euro incl VAT

Muting material

Play without annoying the neighbours

Price : 15 Euro incl VAT

Taiko drums

A full nagado taiko or hiradaiko, shimedaiko or okedo taiko can also be made to order. Prices and delivery delay on demand.

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