Projects and co-operations with taikogroups and other Japanese musicians and artists.

Tátake!-Taiko co-operates with these musicians and artists in order to come into close contact with the roots of the traditional Japanese music in general and specifically with the roots of taiko. Thanks to these contacs and projects she can continually evaluate and renew herself without losing track of the inherent quality and depth of the ancient taikotradition.


Heiwa Daiko, 'the drums is peace', is a project of TaikoKanou. TaikoKanou was established by Fabien Kanou, France's taiko pioneer. Fabien incorporates influences from his Senegalo-Mauretanian background into his taiko, which makes for interesting combinations.

There are so many parallels between TaikoKanou and Tátake!-Taiko - the way of working with , goals and visions for the future, the respect for the people around us - that a co-operation is only natural.

Tátake!-Taiko will be taking part in wonderful show Heiwa Daiko on tour in France from 2010. See the Calendar for more information.

Fabien Kanou (left) during our Natsu Matsu Matsuri Summerparty 2009

Maidaiko Aska Gumi

Tátake!-Taiko was invited by this professional taikogroup during the summer of 2009, read more about this visit on this page.

Aska Gumi is one of the best known professional Japanese taikogroups, and has a multitude of artistic and musical talent. Asuka Daigoro san, the leader of Aska Gumi, is a master of traditional Japanese dancing and taiko playing.

The younger groupmembers of Aska Gumi also play other instruments besides taiko, they are very versatile and technically strong in many areas.

The background of Aska Gumi and Tátake!-Taiko may be completely different, but the similarities in thinking and working are a great foundation for great communication and co-operation.

Tátake!-Taiko and Aska Gumi in their Nara dojo


Tátake!-Taiko was invited by this professional taikogroup during the summer of 2009, read more about this visit on this page.

Oto-Za is yet virtually unknown in Europe, but is brimming over with expertise and innovative talent thanks to taiko pioneers like Iyori Tadaaki san.

The co-operation between Tátake!-Taiko and Oto-Za is very varied, from traditional taiko through drumming technique up to exchanging taiko experiences.

Tátake!-Taiko and Oto-Za on Koya-San

Keisho Ohno

Tátake!-Taiko organised a unique concert in Brussels for the Shamisen master Keisho Ohno on February 15th 2009 een uniek concert voor de Shamisen virtuoos Keisho Ohno in Brussel, and played as supporting act. Read more about this event on this page.

This succesful project has led to a close co-operation in Belgium and Japan, with as immediate result the participation of Tátake!-Taiko at the Kyoko in Kumano Taikofestival.

Tátake!-Taiko and Keisho Ohno are discussing new projects, for more information look at the Calendar.

Keisho Ohno and bandmembers in Brussels

Dadadadan Tenko

Tátake!-Taiko organised two concerts in Belgium in 2008 for this very dynamic taikogroup. Both the concert in Bozar, Brussels, on April 4th and the one in Depot, Leuven, on April 5th were a success.

Thanks to the Flanders Center and the Belgian Japan Association for the support.

Tátake!-Taiko also visited Dadadadan-Tenko at their homebase Osaka, to strengthen the friendship ties.

Dadadadan-Tenko bandmembers and mentor Isaya Mondori in Kortenberg


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