Meeting Oto-Za in Japan

July 30th to August 2nd 2009

Tátake!-Taiko had the honour to spend two days at the dojo of Oto-Za in Wakayama. This professional taikogroep was started by Iyori Tadaaki, one of the original taikoplayers with Osaka Dadadadan Tenko. His wife Okopy san is the composer of most of the taiko songs of Oto-Za, and the driving force behind the all-female band Three Hearts.

Iyori-san and Okopy san were the perfect hosts in their beautiful mountain home in Wakayama, and we were able to use the dojo Iyori-san built himself to rehearse the August 2nd concert ! Later that night Iyori-san's taikostudents organised a fantastic surprise party to celebrate our visit.

Our meeting was very cordial and we are very happy with the profound advice of Iyori san and the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Oto-Za was the top act at the Kyoko in Kumano Taikofestival, and they absolutely wowed the public with their energy, versatility and finesse.

We are extremely delighted to call Oto-Za our friend ! And of course we are looking forward to more contacts and grassroots exchange to deepen this friendship bond.

First night celebrating life & Taiko !

Natsu Matsuri Concert Wakayama August 1st

Oto-Za bandmember Toshi san


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