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  • Welcome to Tátake!-Taiko

    Your reference in Belgium for taiko classes, workshops, events and concerts.

    Tátake!-Taiko is the first professional Belgian taikogroup to perform onstage in Japan, on August 2nd 2009 during the Kyoko in Kumano Taikofestival, click here for more information.

    Do you want to discover taiko ? You can take beginner's classes at several locations in Flanders : our own Japan Center in Zoutleeuw, the Sportschapel of the Sint-Paulusschool in Ghent, and Antwerp Linkeroever. See the Calendar opposite or click the Taikoschool button for more information about dates and locations.

    For more information regarding the classes or if you have an event you'd like to book taiko for, please contact us at info@tatake-taiko.be

    or call : +32(0)475 270 870

    Taiko: Japanese drumming

    Taiko is a Japanese drumming form where the rythms played are based upon the posture and movement of the player. The drums are usually big and are made out of wood and cow hide. Their low sounds directly transfer their energy straight into your body core.

    The organisation Tátake!-Taiko has been established to make taiko known in Belgium. Their aim is to do this through classes, workshops, company events and concerts. The in house teaching method, SHIZEN, is unique and is based on natural postures and movements and relaxation.

    During taiko classes attention is paid to body, mind, and soul.

    During classes each individual receives a lot of attention, because each persons road is different and unique. Traveling this road in group rather than alone is an enriching experience. The threshold to start playing taiko is very low : active or passive knowledge of music is unnecessary, but the learning curve is near endless.

    Students play on authentic Japanese drums as well as on selfmade high quality drums made according to Japanese tradition.

    Tátake!-Taiko is a member of the Belgian Taiko Federation.

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