Do you want to treat your staff, family or friends to a great Japanese day or evening ? We will make sure it will be an event to remember !

This page shows only examples of what is possible. We listen to your (budget)wishes and ideas and design the perfect programme together with you, success guaranteed !

Kagami Biraki

Kagami Biraki literally means 'breaking the mirror'. This ceremony usually takes place to bless the new year, but is also used to celebrate for example the opening of a new building, at a wedding or a big sportsevent. The ceremony consists of breaking the beforehand prepared lid of a beautifully decorated sake barrel.

The dignitaries each receive a Kiduchi or wooden hammer with which they hit the lid simultaneously. The prepared lid breakes easily and falls into the barrel. The sake splashing over the rim is a sign of good luck. Now beautiful cups or Sake Masu can be filled with sake from the barrel using a wooden ladle or Takejaku. When every guest has received his Sake Masu a toast or Kampai can be held. A perfect start for your event or new venture !

Japanese decoration

Decoration of the hall with authentic Japanese elements like art (sumi-e), obi (sash), kimono, ikebana pieces (Japanese flower arrangement), katana(sword) and our own Sam(urai) will add a real Japanese flavour to your event.

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