Feel like pioneering with us ?

Tátake!-Taiko is a professional Belgian taikoband.
Because Tátake!-Taiko is in constant evolution, we are always looking for new talent.
Playing with Tátake!-Taiko requires an ambitious personality willing to invest time in a passion.

Tátake!-Taiko offers a unique professional training based on the Shizen-method, developed by Bart Gits. These are NO taikoclasses but a training to become a professional taikomusician, open to EVERYONE who has a passion for taiko.

Read these questions first to see if playing with Tátake!-Taiko fits you.



Playing taiko is much more than just playing notes on stage.



Are you still enthusiastic or do you have more questions please contact us.

Mail us at info@tatake-taiko.be or call 0475-270870 (Bart Gits) to set up a meeting.


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