Meeting Aska Gumi in Japan

28 to 30 july 2009

Tátake!-Taiko had the honour to spend two days at the dojo of Maidaiko Aska Gumi in Nara. This professional taikoband was started by Asuka Daigoro, a traditional danser, in 1990. Aska Gumi bring an exciting mix of drum talent and traditional dance.

The contact with Asuka Daigoro and the band members was extremely cordial. During the many conversations about taiko more and more layers of this so complete discipline were peeled off, which led to a deeper understanding of all its inherent qualities.

The contacts with the roots of taiko prove their worth by being able to compare our own experiences to their expertise. Asuka Daigoro-san has an obvious extensive knowledge of the origin and the modern evolution of many of these Japanese traditions and disciplines.

At the same time we were able to give them an impression of the taiko that is developing in Belgium. Their admiration for our fascination of their taiko makes for a very stimulation exchange.

Asuka Daigoro-san managed to arrange a meeting for us with one of the most famous swordsmiths of Japan, Gassan Sadatoshi san. Gassan-san continues a family tradition of more than 800 years... He has been assigned the title of ‘National Treasure’, and is the chairman of the All Japan Swordsmith Association. Meeting Gassan-san together with the Aska Gumi members was a truly magical experience.

We are extremely delighted to call Aska Gumi our friend ! And of course we are looking forward to more contacts and grassroots exchange to deepen this friendship bond.

Aska Gumi presentation

Visit to Gassan Sadatoshi san, katana artist


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