Tátake!-Taiko is a division of It's Art bvba , and was founded by Bart Gits. It's Art wants to offer and spread less known Japanese arts and disciplines in Belgium, always respectful of the authenticity and underlying Japanese philosophy.

Tátake!-Taiko shows the art of Japanese drumming. Taiko literally means big drum, and is both the name of the drum as of the discipline. Tátake! is the imperative of the verb tataku, to hit a rythm. So in fact "hit a rythm', but our translation is "hit and drum". Taiko is more than just hitting a rythm.

Tátake!-Taiko is both the name of Belgium's biggest taikoschool and of the professional concertgroup. Bart Gits teaches according to his own created Shizen-method. Shizen is Japanese for nature, this method is based on natural movements so there is no chance of getting hurt.

In the contrary, by playing taiko your body will become more supple and strong without you noticing it. On top of that a lot of attention is paid to the role taiko plays in every one's personal path in life, this is also a part of the Shizen-method.

Tátake!-Taiko is led by :

Bart Gits

Master in Industrial Engineering, specialisation Electronics, more than 15 years a succesful top manager in the industry. 16 jaar Bart was inspired by a taikoconcert of the Japanese group Kodó, his fascination for taiko has led to the founding of the Tátake!-Taiko concertgroep as the Tátake!-Taikoschool.

Bart coaches the concertgroup members technically and artistically. He is a taikopioneer in Belgium with a unique vision, and continues to study taiko in Europe and Japan.

Bart is the manager of the company It's Art bvba .


Tátake ! can also take care of the entire event including stage, lichting and sound. Stage size, lighting and sound requirements can be discussed and will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

Do you need more information or do you have an event in the near future, please mail info@tatake-taiko.be

or call +32(0)475 270 870

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